Help with the FSA ID

The FSA ID is what allows you to securely login to sign your FAFSA® online, and to access and complete other information with the Department of Education.


An FSA ID (or Federal Student Aid ID) is what allows you to sign your FAFSA®, and electronically sign and claim other Federal student aid with the Department of Education.  For example, in addition to using your FSA ID to sign your online FAFSA®, you may use it to sign a promissory note, or complete exit counseling.

In order to create an FSA ID, you’ll need to go here.  Once you have your FSA ID, you can use it to sign your FAFSA® right away.   If you are using your FSA ID to complete other actions than signing your FAFSA®, it may take up to 3 days for it to be fully activated through the Department of Education systems.

You can create an FSA ID at any time — meaning before, during, or after your work on the form itself.  You’ll need to have created your ID before you can sign your FAFSA®.  Only once you sign your FAFSA® using your FSA ID will it be fully processed and considered complete for that year.

No – all students and parents (for dependent students) will need to create their own unique IDs.

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