Our Story

The idea for College Cents grew directly out of the feedback of students and parents. The founding team of College Cents worked for Embark, the leading provider of admissions software for schools, universities, and fellowships.  By that point, Embark had helped 15 million students complete their applications to top universities, community college, states colleges, and fellowships.  The Embark applicant support team was put in place to help applicants with  technical questions on how to complete and submit their applications.  Perhaps not surprisingly, the top question Embark’s support team received consistently every year was “Could you please help me pay for college?”

The College Cents team realized that, using Embark’s existing application software and education and engineering expertise, we could and should provide a free service to help students.  College Cents’s mission is to help students claim their aid in order to achieve their educational goals.  We’re all energized to be working on such an important mission, and would love your feedback on how we can help